wppg surprises

wppg surprises

This page is for stuff I didn't expect. Even after a lot of reading, video watching, listening and thinking it just isn't the same as doing it.
The first two are related.

Going backwards at launch.

It is probably visible in other peoples launches but I never noticed.
Even with very little wind after hitting full power to inflate the wing I'd sometimes go backward a little bit before going forwards. I presume this will be even more pronounced when it is windy.

Going nowhere at full power.

If the wing doesn't inflated properly (not enough A line) it can stay in the prop-wash and counteract the thrust.
The mythbusters showed something similar in their confirmed "blowing your own sail" myth where they prove you could blow (swamp boat) into a sail and move in the opposite direction to what would happen without the sail.
It was a surprise to sit there with the engine at max and not go anywhere.


What was I going to say? Oh I remember now.
I don't remember having a bad memory.
I'm surprised by how much I don't remember when launching the quad. It isn't like it is a blank but I can't remember a lot of the detail.
Sometimes I remember the events out of order.
I think this is normal as our short term memory fills up before the information can be stored to the minds hard-drive.
It is not something you notice until to look for the details.
I try to have every training launch videoed and I review them in great detail.
I find it very useful.

Seeing above.

In my aerochute training I had no trouble seeing the wing overhead. In PG/PPG I do.
Even the brim on a slim helmet makes it worse.
To add to the difficulty looking up can cause the helmet or sunglasses to slip.
Seeing both hands are busy there is no way to fix the situation.
Adding a mirror made a big difference - puritans don't like them but they work.

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