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I said earlier there are no perfect aircraft.
I don't see any perfect PPCs either unless you build your own.

"Dire Straits" once sang "Two men say they're Jesus - one of them most be wrong."
While not really logically correct I'll paraphrase.
"Two PPC companies say they make the best PPCs in the world - one of them must be wrong".

I get a bit annoyed with claims like that. What is best for you may not be best for me.

A sports cars is not better than a Jeep or visa-verse - it depends on your needs or desires.

Some other makes include.
A longer list is here - http://www.powerchutes.com/manufacturer.html


One of the newest and nicest PPCs entering the Australian market is the German built Xcitor.
It is a bit more expensive (particularly with our low dollar exchange rate) but total cost of ownership should be competitive with box wing PPCs.

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Australian agent - http://loweflight.com/
German site - http://www.fresh-breeze.de/en/products/trikes/xcitor.html


While searching for information on Quad accidents I found this clip.
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I found it a bit disturbing but on reading the long comment under the clip my BS alarm went off.

In practical use the average pilot of the Black Hawk LowBoy Quad will flip the unit over between 5-6 times in their first year of learning to fly costing thousand and thousands of dollars in damage."
End quote.

Where did that figure come from and why did I only find this one clip and no news items or forum discussions about the problems of quads.

Most likely because it is made up and the clip in not a comparison but a staged attempt to make a top competitor look bad.
Was the chute on the s-trike kept high by the self steering of the trike or by the skill of the pilot. Did the chute on the quad hit the ground because the quad is dangerous or because the pilot did whatever needed to get the quad to roll.

Goes a deliberate roll over mean a beginner will flip it over 5 times - I don't think so.
A fair and balanced review is not something you are likely to ever see in a Dell Schanze production.

I think there is good evidence the s-trike is an awesome machine and Dell Schanze knows how to fly. Unfortunately he is a controversial figure. If you Google his name you'll find allegations of animal cruelty, illegal flying damaging the PPC community,lying and very shady marketing tactics.
This is a really pity because he would probably have done better by competing honestly.

Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
I think the self steering design has merit.
The quads do roll if mishandled but no more than a trike.

more to come.

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