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Brisbane (Ipswich), Queensland, Australia.

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Panoramas and Quicktime VR

Canon powershot G2

Showing off my Canon powershot G2. I've review it and have a gallery of G2 photos.

My Canon Powershot G2 time-lapse photography experiments.

( I now use a EOS-300D)



All my general Galleries are here. From my old film scans to my newest Dcam.
In August 1998, I jointly bought a HP-photosmart scanner. Apart from some problems scanning dark slides this is a very impressive device (Obsolete now in 2002). I've reviewed it and also the third party VueSmart software..



Commercial CISs (Continuous inking system) are expensive for some reason that eludes me. I built my own for under $20. Read all about it here. I converted to using archival ink and it was a different color so I wrote a program to hack ICM (icc) color profiles as used by color management systems. The program – LABWarp can be downloaded for free.


Purple band

Some epson printers have trouble printing some images - such as the one on the left. In trying to get to the bottom of it I've created this page.
Unclogging epson inkjet heads is a black art – and usually CMY art as well. I don't have all the answers but before throwing the printer away there may be a few things to try.

Unclogging head.


The notorious epson ink chip. Read all about it and my effort to defeat it. I can fool my printer into think the chips read full and also built a resetter.

Links – Non-Commercial

http://site0815.piranho.de - a private site offering refilling information.



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This is a personal web site there is little benefit for me in swapping links.
I don't need more hits and I have better things to do than maintain links.

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