Eddie's Panoramas and QTVR

New – I've written a program to reduce panorama "banding" problems. This image processor corrects dark edges caused by lens fall-off.

Unless otherwise stated these photos are taken in Queensland Australia.
Most images are from 35mm negatives scanned with a HP-photosmart scanner at 1200 DPI resolution and stitched with parorama-factory software.
The film camera is a Ricoh RZ-115, the digital is a powershot G2

These photos were taken at Carnarvon gorge. They are vertical stitches of landscape format photos. The film lab was kind enough to add scratches free of charge.
From left to right the orginal post-stitched images sizes were:-
2770*1426, 3603*1490 and 1716*1514 pixels.
The uncompressed file were in the order of 10 Mbytes each.
I have reduce them to be 1500,1500 and 1000 pixels high and jpegd them. The compressed files are around 300K each.

The film is kodacolor-100 gen-6.

These photos were taken at "The boulders" at Babinda. The top one is a stitch of 10 negs. The bottom two are from a subset of these. The original stitched images were 8674*948, 3333*934 and 3608*1008 pixels. These reduced ones and 2000,1500 and 1500 pixels wide. The files are 293K, 259K and 267K in size.

The film is kodacolor-100 gen-6.

This is one of my older ones. It was taken on Masthead Island on Kodacolor 400 film.

Masthead big VR (2156K)
Masthead less big (1004K)

Extremely bad banding, the RZ-115 has bad edge fade under certain conditions – usually bad in bright sunlight.

Nimbin Rocks – New South Wales , Australia

Nimbin big VR (1984K)

Nimbin medium VR (872K)
Nimbin small VR (454K)

Hand held point and shoot. The lab scratched the film and the camera had a light leak. Some banding. It still makes an interesting record of the blown down piggery and our teak tree which fell over some time later.

Campsite BIG.mov(4.3 Meg)
Campsite medium.mov(1.3 Meg)

This is shot on my digital (canon powershot G2) using a tripod for change. It is at the back of the campsite on Lady Musgrave Island under the Pisonia trees. This is the best QTVR so far.

Musgrave big.mov (4.7 Meg)
Musgrave med.mov (1.2 Meg)

Another digital series but handheld and apparently I left is on automatic exposure which has screwed things up. The other problem is the horizon is not central so the stitcher was unhappy. It can't stitch conical projections. I tried to fool it but it hasn't worked too well.

These are some shots from the 2000/2001 Woodford Folk Festival.

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