Matejowsky,Matejovsky, Matejovski and Matejowski.

Until I had access to search engines on the WWW, I was unaware of any Matejowsky's apart from the 5 of us here and my father's relatives in Austria. The first hint came from a phone call my mother got from a Matejowsky visiting from Czeckoslovokia. He'd found her in the phone book. I then looked at the phone books for all the Australian capital cities and found one Matejovsky in Sydney - but never got around to contacting them. When I got connected to the WWW, I started searching for my name but firstly only found myself (if only it were that easy). One day a new search on a new engine found Brenda Matejowsky in Texas. Unfortunately my messages from her were lost in a disk crash. Since them I've found lost more and a few have found me as well. I seems the largest group of english speaking Matejowsky's live in Texas and are all descended from one man -Wenzel (Wenceslas) Matejowsky (see below)WENZEL MATEJOWSKI. There seem to be approximately as many Matejovsky's in the US but I don't think they come from one (US) ancester like the Matejowsky's. The "W" and "V" and "Y" and "I" seem pretty much interchangeble. I've found all four variations of spelling used. In non-english speaking countries the "V" and "I" are more common. The strange thing is we pronounce our name like it has a "V" even though we spell it with a "W".

Here are a few messages I've recieved from Wenzel's descendences.

From: Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 19:30:43 -0500 (EST) Subject: Matejowsky's in U.S. To:

Dear Eddie, We are Valerie & Billy Matejowsky the parents of Winston & Brigitte. Our address is 2309 Briarmoor, Monroe La. 71201. We do have information on the Matejowsky's in U.S. Wenzel (Wenceslas) Matejowsky came to Texas from Nechanice, Bohemia, Czech Republic in 1850. He was born there in 1829 and died in Fayette County Texas in 1904. Billy is his great-grandson. Wenzel settled in a rural community north of LaGrange Texas in 1867, named Lone Prairie. He was the postmaster and renamed it Nechanitz after his home town. As far as we know all the Matejowsky's in the US are his descendents. Over in the Czech Republic Matejovsky was the spelling. Write to us sometime. Sincerely, Valerie & Billy

From: Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 22:45:52 -0500 (EST) Subject: Matejowsky relative? To:

Hi! It is good to hear from a Matejowsky from "down under". As a point of reference, my great-grandfather was Wenzel. He came to Texas, entering at Galveston, in 1850. He settled in the Bastrop - LaGrange area of Central Texas. He had about 13 children, so there are quite a few folks around Texas that claim a kin to him. We have a reunion of Wenzel's descendents, with the next one in April. It would be good to get some information of our possible kinship to share at that gathering. You contacted misterblonde, otherwise known as Brad. I am Alan. I am a bridge engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation. My wife, Betty, works in a school library and is a graduate student (library science) at the University of Texas. Brad is a third year student at UT. Blake is a high school junior. You mentioned a Don in your note. Is he related to you? Do you know anything of his background? looking forward to hearing from you.

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 02:19:12 -0500 (CDT) From: "" <> Subject: Hello from another Matejowsky To:


My name is Keith Matejowsky. I live in Jones Creek, Texas. I just recently purchased an internet subscription, and while I am not yet very proficient at moving around on 'The Web' I did type in my last name in a search field and stumbled upon your E-mail address. It's somewhat unusual for me to run across someone who shares the same last name that I do so I thought I'd drop a line to say "Hello". This world wide web is an amazing tool and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Maybe when I learn to work with it a little better I'll run across some more Matejowsky's. Anyway, Happy Surfing.

Keith Matejowsky

From: Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 18:27:36 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Matejowsky history To:

HELLO, My name is Sean Matejowsky and I am 17. That's right, my last name is Matejowsky. Father is Ken Matejowsky and mother Sherel Salisbury. They are divorced now and I need information on my last name for a senior english project. I don't know any of my relatives in the Matejowsky family and I have been trying to locate some for quite a while. The internet was my only hope. I think my dad's fathers name was Martin Matejowsky, which Martin is my middle name. I need all the help I can get. Please respond!


X-UIDL: 863572858.000 From: Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 21:15:55 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Re: Matejowsky history To:

Mr. Matejowsky, To answer your question on where I am from, Crosby, TX. Born in Gross? Point Farms, MI on June 28, 1979. Moved to Crosby, TX in January of 1981. My father never really talked about his family life due to the fact he said it was not worth talking about. His father was Martin Matejowsky and mother was Bennie Ruth Harris. My father had two brothers, Ronald Matejowsky and Donald Matejowsky. Never met Ronald, but Donald lives in Humble, TX where I work. I know most of my moms side of the family, but not my dads. Also I have a sister Kimberly Matejowsky. I would love to locate a family tree or help in any research efforts about the Matejowsky's. I know that they have a family reunion somewhere near Austin, TX. Went to one renunion along time ago. Have a cemetary up their just for Matejowsky's, but it's spelled Matejowski. If you find anymore info, please keep me informed. Thanks for all your help Mr. Matejowsky!

Sean Martin Matejowsky


When I thought to try search for variations of spelling I found quite a few of those too.
Here is a message from Pam Matejovsky

From: Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 23:04:18 -0500 (EST) Subject: Re: Matejowsky/Matejovsky To:

Dear Eddie -

You haven't bored me at all! Thanks for the interest. The name is definitely Czeck. There are many Matejovsky's in Czeckoslovokia (?). I had a phone call a few months back from "Stan Matejovsky" in Montreal. He was visiting NYC and said he always looks for the name in any phone book where he's visiting. He was a nice guy, and said he's found many in Austria, a few in Germany, several in Australia and New Zealand (!) and a couple in California. My paternal great=grandfather was a clock maker and emigrated from Prague to Dayton, Ohio. My brother (Steven Matejovsky) is married to a Swedish woman who's the equivalent of the Secretary of Agriculture for the Swedish government. They live in Stockholm.

I'm a secretary for a trader (Wall Street) and live in Manhattan. Please feel free to stay in touch. I don't really know a lot about the name other than what I've said here.

Good luck with your research!

Pam Matejovsky

Hello Eddie,
Well, hitting "search" for my family name: MATEJOVSKY
of course your site came up first!
I am not too sure how to get on the forum, but I hope
you can post this info about the Matejovsky family of

I have been able to trace back to my great, great
grandfather  JAMES MATEJOVSKY who immigrated from
Bohemia (- Czech Republic today) to Illinois, but I
don't know when or how! I cannot find any record of
his immigration, and I always get the Wenzel
Matejovsky immigration to Texas. James and Wenzel
could have been relatives in Bohemia, I want to go to
Prague one day and check records!

I am Catherine Marie Matejovsky,b.1943 in Chicago
 daughter of Joseph Frank Matejovsky,b.1916

..and this is for my nephew's son, Joseph Richard,
and the 200 years of MATEJOVSKY family:

Joseph Richard Matejovsky,b.1993 in Illinois 
son of father George F.,b.1966 in Illinois
of Grandfather George E.,b. 1941 in Chicago
of great grandfather Joseph Frank,b.1916 in Chicago
of great, great grandfather Frank Benjamin,b.1892 in
of great, great, great grandfather Bohumil,b.1868 in
of great, great, great, great grandfather James
of great, great, great, great great grandfather 
(James Matejovsky's father? Name? Birth date in
Age at the turn-of-the-century in 1800! 
200 years of Matejovsky Family of Chicago. 
Eight generations of sons of Matejovsky.

Any relatives out there in Australia?
or Texas? or Imperial Valley-San Diego, California?
or Montana? 

Hope we can connect!
Catherine Marie Matejovsky Nikoltsos, living in Greece

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