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Here are a few of my links, I intend to keep it short, just a few for starters. My web site has links through out it's pages but these links don't fit in anywhere else.


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The Neverhood is my favourite computer game, not that I play many games. It's also the only adventure style game I've managed to solve. The game uses clay amination and it's very impressive. The designers also have a sense of humour. I also have "Riven" which is also good but has quite a different feel to it.

Bluetooth is a open spec protocol for allowing electronic devices to communicate over a low power radio link. We should see some products this year (1999).
Micropower Impulse Radar is something I've been watching for a while. I'd love to get my hands on some of these low-power radar chips but unfortunately it doesn't look like chips will be sold in the forseeable future. They could start showing up in products like stud/rebar locators and washing machines in the near future.

Ancient stuff

The Miami circle appears to be an ancient sacred site discovered in a building site. As you might expect there is a conflict between the developers and researchers. The battle is still underway. There a lots of circle links at Art Bell's site (below).

Guardian's QTVR Egypt Panoramas the title says it all, there are lots of QTVR images online and these are some of the best I've seen.


Egypt - Guardian's Egypt - Main Gate

Scary Stuff

QUIXOTE'S HORSE- Seed "Terminator"

Wierd stuff.

THE LAURA LEE SHOW - Audio Archives another US talkback show on the internet. These archives include real audio interviews about the Eq Peg hoax which had ET watchers in a buzz last year.


Alternative Stuff.

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