My online galleries
Note these are copyrighted. Using them as screen wallpaper is OK, ripping them off is not. Originals are the much higher quality.

Actual gallery contents may differ from the screen grabs shown here.

Canon EOS-300D, 2003 -

Lady Musgrave Island January 2004

300d gallery 1

Canon Power-shot G2,
2001 - 2003
gallery 1

gallery 2

gallery 3

vertical format 1

I found some of my old Black and white negatives in the shed. Most were too far gone but I scanned a few.

These are before my time. The originals are in Germany and I was sent scans of them.

My Hinchinbrook page and the outback trip page have some other hi-res G2 images

My film galleries.
This is old stuff which used to be at geocities. Geocities now sucks and I'm moved them to my commercial web host - so no more popups. These are roughly 1997 vintage, 800*600 is a bit small for the new century but not too bad.
My Geocity gallery1 is here - reef stuff
My Geocity gallery2 is here - Nimbin stuff
My Geocity gallery3 is here - odds and ends
All the images are HP-Photosmart scans of negatives and slides. All images have been reduced to 800*600 pixels from original scans of 1684*1120 (truecolor) . By law the (above) images are covered by copyright but feel free to use them for private purposes such as creating windows wallpaper (a thank-you would be nice) . If you want to use them for non-profit web pages please acknowledge them as being mine and send me the URL they appear at. Any other purposes - ask me - you can find my contact details here.

The photosmart has now been replaced with a canon fs2710 which is never used because I now shoot everything on a digital camera. (or two).

There is also a time-lapse page and a general photography page.

I do more than take photos and you can check that out here.