"The Watchers"
fiction by eddiem.

The “Stewards of Terra” will be a four book series.

Book one.

The Watchers” is set in November 2004 and lays out the mess we are in with some ideas about what to do about it.
The superficial story is about two women going on a seven day hike.
Along the way Jo teaches Sally what she knows about the way the world works.
Topics include the pending energy crisis, in particular “peak oil”.
They also explore some alternatives technologies, live of the land for a day and Sally has one or two mystical experiences.

The complete book in PDF is available here.
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This version was created on the 28'th of February 2006.

It is 155 A5 pages long (with pictures) not counting blank filler pages and is about 3.5 meg in size. It is generally better to save it to disk, most browsers have a 'save target link as' option.

Some feedback I've had .....

Eddie M. writes like a combination of Richard Bach and Starhawk. I think this book comes from somewhere deep in the collective unconscious. As Eddie's characters prepare for the stark possibilities in our own near future we are encouraged to break free of our denial, but not without also being given glimpses of beauty and hope.
-- Dave Keenan

I enjoyed the story, the characters and the settings. It combines a rich imagination with fascinating science and technology. There is clearly more to come and I look forward to more stories in the series.”
-- Philip Teakle

What a book!
Hi there, I thought you might like some feed back on your book, well, I loved it, it was great.

You covered so many topics that i believe to be true.

I hope you enjoyed writing it as mush as i did reading it.

[spin snip]

Many thanks for making me smile, you know a smile can travel a million miles! or kilometers!!

Also i was hoping to find out if there was any news on the next installment, please write back if you have the time, my name is Jim.

[email address deleted]

I am in the UK.

Many thanks again, Jim.

I don't want to give too much of the plot away, just read the book so things are presented in the order I think they should be.
I'm giving little away by saying that only the most naive people believe humanity can just continue the way it is headed.
A change will come and it will be well within my lifetime and probably yours as well.
How dramatic it is remains to be seen.
There may be some winners but mostly there will be losers.
Even a small amount of forethought could make a huge difference to your chances of survival – let alone prosperity.

The Watchers” is likely to be forked. No, I don't mean it will be given rude hand signals. I've been encouraged by someone (who has a double major in literature) to make it more mainstream and get it published. I quite like my version the way it is, as do the “other” people who have read it. So I said OK - let there be two versions.

The online version will remain much the way it is except for some minor corrections.

The paper version will be co-authored. The technical/lecture content and the two “vision” sequences will remain largely unaltered. The superficial story will be expanded and tidied up to (hopefully) keep publishers and critics happy. The pictures will probably have to be dropped.

Book two.

I have begun working on the second book.....

Book two is called “The Creators” and is set in the near future – one year after book 1 (starts 29'th Nov 2005) and revolves around a group making plans for after “the crash” with some serious diversions along the way. I hope to finish it by the end of 2006.

Book Three.

It is set some time (a year or two) after the crash (ATC) and looks at the start of a rebuild.

Book Four is set 100-200 years on and is sci-fi like.

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Peer to peer.
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Cheers Eddie,


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