Also see Hinchinbrook – 2002 – the Thorsborne trail.

2001 - The day trip.

A year has passed and walking the trail makes this page a little obsolete. Let's be brief so you can move on to this years stuff.
One of the amazing things about this island are these tidal channels which cut through parts of the island. This allows a small boat to drop of hikers and days tourists within a few minutes walk of the ocean (Ramsay bay). We came most of the way on the CAT. The CAT is too fat to go all the way so the last bit is in a dingy.

On the right you see the boardwalk over the mud and then it is a short sandy walk to the beach.

This is the southern end of the bay. The trail continues to the right. Sometimes fossil crab can be found at Ramsay but not by me.

After we came back to the boat the CAT did a pirouette with Bill Whiteman giving a commentary.

Then we were dropped at Macushla bay and we walked from there up to the resort. Not everyone walked some stayed on the boat. The weather was a bit damp but we walked anyway. Little crabs looking for food make these little balls of sand.

This is the resort.

And we all lived happily ever after - Now go to the new page.

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