Project Page.

Here are a few projects I've been working on - someone might find them interesting/useful.... Excuse me for stating the obvious but - click on the pictures or links for more detail.

Dalek Loo

I recently replaced a rather rough bush toilet with this simple home-made composting loo. While only intended for low volume use it's just the thing for a week-ender for one or two people.

Straight Bellied Stove.

With the Australian winter now apon us I was in need of a heater for my room at Nimbin. I have a pot bellied stove in my suburban house but wanted something smaller (and cheaper) to heat just one room.

Chainsaw Mill.

I've made myself a chain-saw mill by making a thingamedo that slides along an aluminium ladder. My design clamps both ends of the chain bar and doesn't require the log to be raised off the ground. It's also very light and could be carried to the log I'm milling.

Improving tank water pressure

This page is about using water storage in pipes to improved the performance of a rainwater tank system which uses solar power for improving supply pressure. Relating to this is a bit about load leveling to reduce presure drop over long runs of thin pipe.

My RAPS system

A bit about the remote area power system which I setup at Nimbin. It has 125 Watts of photo-voltaics, some big lead acid batteries and a square wave 12/240 volt inverter.

Composting loo fan controller.

A controller to prevent the fan running the battery flat, uses a PIR detector to turn the fan on when the room is occupied.

MIG stuff
I bought a 1/2 share in a MIG, read all about it.

PIR to IR remote control.
How I programmed a AVR AT90S1200 to send IR remote controller codes to my Panasonic VCR.

IR-CCTV A low cost video camera and IR light source.

Vacuum resin infusion

Vacuum resin infusion for small projects.

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