The free SSC Service Utility makes my reseter obsolete.
I have no connection with this site – don't send report files (testrep.txt) to me.

The majority of my email consists of people wanting free help to reset some printer I know nothing about.
I get more requests for help than I can manage, I have *real* work to do and I'm really quite busy.
Even if I wasn't I don't want to give unlimited free support for the rest of my days, I have other things I want to do.
I have provided a free circuit design and program for the 2100/2000 and 1290 chips - that is all – if it handles other printers this is a bonus.
I hacked the chip for my own use, I will not be hacking the entire epson range for the fun of it.
I don't know what other printers it will work with – for starters see if the chips look the same (same pads shorted). Commercial reseter for the 2100 were not available when I wrote the progam – they are now.
My ESP is not good enough to know everything about your printer, I don't have every epson model number memorized or have any desire to do so.
I do not want to teach people basic electronics.
On the other hand there are some people I can help.
If you can read your chip with my system but need a “small” mod to the program let me know. For example one guy in Germany has used my system to read c60 chips. The color cartridge will need more bytes reset and I will add this.
If you have the skills and courage to hack something new (or old) – that is use a logic analyzer of some sort to read signals in the printer. You can give me a look at the traces if you like. (someone has sent me some 790 traces for example – they weren't very good though).
Very few people want to help.
Thanx you to those people who send me information. Often this it is stuff I already have but I'd rather get duplicates than miss something important.

Cheers Eddie.M.

My email address is here